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Corporate collaboration model
The Helsinki Festival’s corporate collaboration model for the period 2007-2009 operates at three levels: partner, sponsor and supplier. Each level has various options, and each package is tailored individually to mutually benefit both parties. The partnership is close and sustained.

Helsingin Sanomat, S-ryhmä and Kemira have already signed partner agreements for 2007-2009. Helsingin Sanomat has adopted the Night of the Arts as its own Helsinki Festival project. S-ryhmä is offering member discounts on tickets to various Helsinki Festival events. The partnership between Kemira and the Helsinki Festival focuses on protection of the Baltic Sea; for each Baltic Sea ticket sold for the Helsinki Festival Kemira will donate €2 to the work being done by the WWF on behalf of the Baltic Sea.

The Helsinki Festival’s sponsors include Accenture, Eastway, Elisa, Helsingin OP and Taloussanomat.

The Helsinki Festival supplier is Libris Oy, printer of the Festival’s brochures, posters and other printed matter.